Thursday, 19 March 2009

Arrgh - missed Lost - darn Daddy lovin Baby

I love the show Lost, it makes me crazy, I often yell at the t.v. at the end of the show, but I am addicted to it.

I missed it last night.

For the last week or so, I have been diligently nursing the baby in his room instead of in front of the t.v. in an attempt to get him to feed enough during the day that he won't wake up every hour (he is distracted from nursing by everything including "Brand Power" commercials) and to try to get him sleeping in the crib instead of my lap (much easier to transfer him 2 feet then down a hall).

So, last night I was nursing the baby, he had just dozed off and I was waiting for him to fall into deep sleep before transferring him to the crib.  I knew that husband would be home soon and wanted the baby down before that happened.  So I had just put the baby down, knowing that he was lightly asleep but figuring chances were better that he would continue sleeping if when husband got home, he wouldn't go into the room to say hi.  Husband got home right then, I was still in the room plugging in the monitor, baby wakes up.  It took another 45 minutes to get him back to sleep.  

Very frustrating!!  For a while, I was waiting until after Husband came home to put the baby down, but then he was going to sleep too late and was cranky and didn't sleep as well.  I am tempted to ask husband to not come home, except I can't because I miss him, plus this is his home.

Need to figure this out.  Need to see if I can see Lost on On Demand.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I do all the work - Husband & dog get all the admiration

It has been almost a month since I have been able to sit down and write, and I have accomplished very little during that time.  I have been trying to baby proof, which has meant re-organizing closets, moving furniture, moving stuff into storage, installing all kinds of safety hardware, etc.  I have also been working on the baby's sleeping (using the "No Cry...Solution" books) and have seen some success, but the baby is not sleeping consistently yet.

With the sleeping, I have found that what works when husband is at work does not work when he is home.  Last week, everyday that husband was at work the baby napped (not the same amount or at the same time, but slept during the day and not in my lap), on the week-end when husband was home - no napping.  It kills me that every evening, I sit there just hoping and hoping that the baby will go to sleep before husband gets home (Husband gets home at 9pm or 11pm dependent on day).  I feel guilty, I want husband and baby to spend lots of time together, but if the baby is awake when husband gets home, it adds at least an hour until I get baby in his crib.  Normally if baby wakes in the evening, it takes me maximum 20 minutes from the wake-up to back in the crib.  Last Thursday baby had woken up about 2 minutes before husband got home.  Husband came in and gave baby  kisses and very quietly talked to him for a couple of minutes then left the room to go eat dinner.   An hour and a half later the baby was back in his crib asleep.  The baby just adores his daddy so much that he can't calm down.

The baby also adores the dog.  He calls the dog and talks to the dog and tries to play with the dog.  The other night, the dog was in the living room instead of baby's room while I was nursing him to sleep.  The baby kept unlatching to look around for the dog and calling him.  I finally had to call the dog into the room so that the baby would nurse.

One week-end afternoon, the baby was sitting on my lap with husband to my right, and the dog to my left.  The baby would turn to his dad and smile, turn to the dog and smile, turn to his dad and laugh, turn to the dog and laugh.  He did not once stop in the middle to give mom even a glance.  Every day I feed the baby, change the baby, hug the baby, play with the baby, carry the baby, encourage him in his development, help him get to sleep, and most of all keep him alive.  Very frustrating that Dad gets the big laughs, the shy smiles, the giggles and the adoration while I get the crying.