About Me

As of January 3, 2012

I am a mother of two beautiful little boys.  I work full-time in a stressful, management job, with global responsibilities within a large multi-national.   I am separated from my husband.  I am a daughter, sister, and friend.  I am a child of divorce.  I am the child of an alcoholic.  I am currently in therapy.  Sometimes I count things or count in my head - just because.  I can't meditate because my brain won't shut-up.  I believe that I can never have enough shoes or purses.

My boys are wonderful, smart, funny, cute, athletic, and everything good in the world.  They made me realize that I am so much more than I had thought I was.  I must be pretty ok if I could make such wonderful little boys.  BBJ1 is my older boy,  he is very busy, very inquisitive, very sweet, and is driving me crazy.  BBJ2 is my baby, he is so cute and sweet and calm and I just want to hug him forever.

I have 3 parents, and 4 siblings (divorce and marriages involved in both).  My family has been very supportive of me, my life, and my choices.  Luckily all of my family lives an hour away, as much as I love them, I don't need to see them everyday.

I have two really awesome girlfriends, the three of us have been friends since 9th grade.  They are both there whenever I need them.  We have gone through boyfriends, jobs, marriages, divorces, dogs dying, cats dying, moving, traveling, and 7 children between us.  I can't imagine my life without my girls.

I live in a 2-bedroom high-rise apartment building in the city, less than a block from a subway station, and a block away from a huge park with ravines and a zoo.  I drive but do not have a car, so public transit and on foot is how we get pretty much everywhere we go.

This blog is for me, it is about my life.  I am not writing to any particular demographic, I am not writing to try to influence anyone, I am writing as an outlet for all of the thoughts that circle around in my head all of the time.

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