Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Baby is on Twitter

Children are so much more technologically advanced than their parents.  Baby set himself up on Twitter before I set myself up.  His tweets are pretty funny, and interesting as I sometimes have a different point of view about the same event.  Also a bit scary knowing that he is following Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.

Here is one of his tweets:
"I'm freakin hilarious.  During diaper change got poop on my foot, wiped it off on Mom's arm, dog helped - tried to steal dirty diaper, hahaha"

That diaper change was not hilarious, I got poop on my arm and the dog almost took off with the dirty diaper, Baby was squirming like crazy trying to escape.

He does seem to think that the whole poop on Mom thing is much funnier than I do, he puts up lots of tweets regarding this topic.

Also interesting that he seems to think that taking the books and movies off the shelves is helping Husband & I re-organize, whereas to me it is just a pain in the butt where things get destroyed and I need to put stuff away.

Just hoping that his techno-savvy pays off and he finds a legitimate way to make tons of money on the internet while sleeping.

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