Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Big Week - Lots of Firsts

Wow, so much has happened this week;
- Baby's First Birthday Party
- My first evening outing without Baby (My first time drinking since Baby)
- Baby's First Birthday 
- Baby's first time walking by himself
- Baby registered for Daycare
- Baby is starting to eat real food

The birthday party was great, it was a small gathering of family sharing their love for my little one.  Baby received lots of lovely gifts, nice clothes, fun toys that he really likes.  The best thing by far was his first cake.  We had both chocolate and vanilla - his first time having cake, why assume that he would prefer one over the other - and he loved it.  His face was hilarious, kind of like 'this is the best thing in the world ever, Mom, Dad, why have you not given this to me before????'.  I did miss a lot of it as I was in the kitchen dishing out cake for others, but it was awesome.

Husband & Girlfriend made arrangements for a night out for me, the first one since I became pregnant.   I wasn't nervous about Baby, although was nervous for Husband, this was the first time Baby was going to be without the Boob for bed-time.  The thing I was most nervous about was over-doing it, I knew that Husband was telling Girlfriend to get me drunk and to bring me home very late.  Instead we had a great time, went to 3 different bars, had dinner and talked for hours.  I did drink but did not get out of control.  It was a great night for me.  I don't think Husband's night was so great, but he did a great job.

Baby's actual birthday was a quiet day - I was pretty tired from being out on the town the night before.  I did tell him the story of his birth and the days after until he came home from the hospital.  I explained how much we loved him and were so happy that we had him.  I  also sang happy birthday while he ate his sweet potatoes.

The day after his birthday, Baby walked.  Baby has been standing & pulling himself into a stand forever.  Before he started to really crawl, he would take steps if you held his hands but as soon as he was crawling, he refused.  (He is very independent and would prefer to crawl on his own then walk with help.)  He has been cruising for about two months and for about the last month lots of people have been saying 'oh he is going to be walking any day now' but he didn't.  Then suddenly he just took two steps by himself.  I couldn't believe it, I made all kinds of exclamations and did a little happy dance.  I grabbed the camera and kept asking him to do it again, and he did, he took about 5 steps across the kitchen and I managed to get it on video. The funniest thing was that Baby's expression was 'why is Mom so excited? I am just walking'. Husband was very sad that he missed it, but Baby did walk for him 2 days later.  It reminds me that for all the crap stuff that Husband misses, he also misses good stuff.  Seeing how sad Husband was, makes me think about how sad I will be when I miss stuff once I am back at work.

So one of the day-cares that we were wait-listed for called and advised they had a spot opening next month.  Although this day-care is not in the perfect location for us, they do have a really good rating with the city and I did like the place a lot so I jumped on the opening and we are now registered for day-care and will have a few weeks to transition Baby in.  One less thing for Husband to worry about.

Up until this week Baby has only eaten pureed foods, except for cereal and cake.  Every once in a while I would give him other stuff but he wouldn't even put it in his mouth.  This week for both his lunch and dinner I gave him solids.  Finally today, he started eating it, he didn't have a lot and most of it ended up in his bib or on the floor (he feeds the dog).  

So, lots of new stuff.  I was thinking how as adults our world doesn't change constantly, things are pretty stable especially compared to how quickly a baby's world changes.  Even when the surroundings don't change the baby's perspective changes since their own bodies are constantly changing and growing.  Baby's seem to deal with change so much better than adults, I hope that Baby will always handle change so nonchalantly as he handled his first steps.

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