Saturday, 7 January 2012

PEE!! It's Everywhere It's Everywhere

I hate potty/toilet training!  I hate pee, or worse poop being anywhere except in the toilet or in a diaper.  I have been unbelievably horrified and traumatized over the last couple of years by this process, and am so scared of it all happening again with BBJ2.  However, some of the stories are a teeny bit funny, even to me.

When BBJ1 was a baby I read every book about babies from the local library, one of them was about how you don't need to wait until they 'are ready' to toilet train, that in fact you can toilet train a 6 month old.  So I tried when he was about 8 months old, not a success but not a disaster.  He seemed almost ready just before turning 2, but BBJ2 was coming and I didn't bother because I kept reading that most children that age will revert after a sibling is born, so what was the point?  There was a week shortly after BBJ2 was born when he started using the potty, it was the week that his Nanny was here to help.  As soon as she was gone, he stopped. His usage of the potty was very on again/off again between then and returning to daycare.  Within 3 weeks of being back in daycare surrounded by other children his age who used the toilet, he was in underwear & making it through the day without an accident about 80% of the time - while at daycare.  He is doing really well with the toilet now, goes on his own, and taught himself to pee standing up. Here are just a few of his stories:

"Mom, I just peed on my totally awesome bed", this was said to me a couple of nights ago, within 2 minutes of him getting out of the bath, while I was getting BBJ2 into his pajamas.  BBJ1 received a full bed-set for Christmas to go with his 'big boy bed' that he got earlier this year.  It included a nice soft mattress pad, 2 new pillows, Buzz Light-year & Woody sheets and pillow-cases, a nice blue comforter and a Buzz/Woody soft blanket.  BBJ1 has actually wanted to sleep in his bed (instead of with Mommy) since the addition of his new bedding.  So he peed on it, yay, so much fun to now have to strip & re-make the bed while it is already bed-time.  While I was stripping the bed and putting on clean sheets, he took the pillows & soft blanket (safe from the pee) and all of his stuffed animals and put them in BB2's crib to give him a 'funk bed' (I don't know what he was meaning, sounds like bunk bed but doesn't really make sense).  I left the room to go do something and came back to BBJ1 standing in BBJ2's crib with his penis in his hand, peeing over the crib rail onto the rug.  Yes, it was a good night!

Cleaning the Toilet
BBJ2 loves brooms and sweeping, so someone gave him a cute little toy house cleaning set for Christmas, broom, mop, etc.  One day over the holidays, the boys were sitting quietly on the couch watching a movie, so I went to the kitchen and was doing dishes.  I thought I heard some strange noises, but just wrote it off to the movie or neighbors.  After about a minute, I thought "no, that is coming from the bathroom", I turned the water off, "Uh Oh".  I went to the washroom, one has the toy broom, the other has the toy mop and they are 'cleaning' the toilet, and laughing their buts off.  There is yellow water flying everywhere.  BBJ1 had his pants & pull-ups around his ankles.   The two of them were screaming at me when I took the toys away to be sanitized and when I washed their hands & faces, "Mooommmm we are cleaning!!!".   Not sure if this one is a story about successful toilet training, the disgustingness of little boys, or how sweet my boys are to help clean up.  We did have lots of chats about flushing after this.

Seriously, If I had known about this I would not have had children:
One day BBJ1 is doing a naked day.  I am sitting on the couch nursing BBJ2 hopefully to sleep.  BBJ1 goes into my bedroom, I think that he is going to look out the window.  Some time goes by.  BBJ1 walks from my bedroom into the bathroom, he is carrying something in his hand, a baby hat that he had been wearing for fun earlier.  I hear a splash, then the water in the sink is turned on and off, then he leaves the bathroom.  "Umm, what did you just do? Did you put something in the toilet?" "Yes, my poop" "Really"  "Yes"  At this point BBJ2 was asleep and I managed to transfer him into his crib without waking him (a miracle), and I went to investigate.  There was poop in the toilet, the hat (with poop smears on the inside) was in the sink and wet.  Then I think "wait a minute where did he go poop, did he hold the hat under his bum? I doubt it.  He was in my room. OH NO".  "BBJ1, where did you go poop?" "In your room" "OK, but where, show me"  He points to my bed, with the mostly white duvet cover.  In my head "NOOOOOO".  I'm looking but I don't see anything, I move closer and he yells at me to stop.  I was about to step on the poop, but was saved.  So, he pooped on my bedroom floor, scooped the poop up in a hat, carried it into the washroom, dumped the poop in the toilet and then 'washed' the hat out.  So, not a toilet training success story, but a good cleaning up story.

I'm just crossing my fingers that BBJ2 will follow a different path.

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