Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My First Post Ever

This is my first posting to my blog.

Baby has been asleep for about 15 minutes and miraculously, he is in his crib and not in my lap.  I may only have a few more minutes before he wakes up crying for mam, so this might be short.

I have never been so continuously exhausted in my life.

I have an eight month old baby boy, who is a beautiful joy.  He has enriched my life and changed how I see pretty much everything, mostly sleep.  I have a wonderful husband who I love to death, and is great with baby.  Husband also works huge hours with a too long commute which leaves me alone with baby a lot.

During my pregnancy, I was constantly amazed at how I was losing control over my life, and people  kept telling  me that this was training for how little control I would have once the baby was born, what an understatement.  I know that there are lots of parents who are in control, they set the babies schedule (feed at 11am for 15 minutes, nap at 11:30 for 1 hour, etc) but this hasn't happened for me and my baby.   People say "well just put him in the crib when he is tired and leave him"  I tried that this morning and each time I lay him down on his back, he instantly flipped over to crawl around.  So, instead of sleeping, he stood up in his crib for the first time this morning.

Uh oh, there is moaning & crying coming from the other room, gotta go......

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