Saturday, 31 January 2009

Terrified - Is everyone terrified by their 8 month old?

My son terrifies me!
Sometimes when he does something new it is truly just exciting & happy - like when he started to say mom.  Sometimes when he does something new it is exciting & happy & very scary. He is now standing and starting to walk, but he still has no clue about where he is & what can happen when he falls.  He is stubborn and when he wants something he will keep trying until he gets it.  He would launch himself off the couch at the rectangular glass topped coffee table to get the remote (he is obsessed with remotes) if I didn't hold him back - doesn't he know that this is dangerous.

Husband and I have gone over many baby-proofing ideas; lock baby in a box (not gonna do it, seems like it might hamper his development), straight jackets (can't find one small enough),  attaching his  sleeper to his sheets, etc.

After doing some research it seems that we are not the only ones thinking about this, found some tents and sleep systems that are designed to keep him in his crib, hoping that we can find something that will let us feel good, will keep him safe but not curb his enthusiasm.  I would hate to turn him into the lazy kid who just sits like a lump, he already has a bad influence in his couch potato Dad.

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