Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Grandma Retires & We Party

My mother is retiring from work and moving out of town.  It will be very strange on both, my mom has been working since I was about 7 and I have always thought of her as a very busy, active woman.  On top of retiring she is moving out of town, which is a bit sad for me.  I grew up in Toronto but slowly most of my family has moved away, my mom was the last one left and she  decided to move the year that my son was born.

Her work put on a lovely  retirement luncheon for her and invited my brother and I as surprise guests.  She was very surprised and happy to see us, especially her newest grand-child.  The gathering was slightly different than anything that Baby had been to before.  There was a large crowd of adults who were noisy and made lots of clapping noises, which seemed to scare him a bit.  

It was interesting how he was totally o.k. with strangers talking to him while mom was holding him, but he would not let anyone hold him except for mom and Uncle.  He would laugh and giggle and smile (and sometimes give his shy/flirty face) to people but if they held their arms out to hold him he  would turn away.  It was interesting to note how many strangers wanted to hold him - that generally doesn't happen when we are out shopping.

Eating lunch was fun, I had to hold Baby in my arms and all he wanted to do was grab everything from the table.  He had bread for the first time, which was great, I gave him a chunk of a roll and this stopped him from grabbing - until the cake came out.  

I felt bad for Grandma.  This was the first time that Baby had seen her since the baby-sitting incident and he obviously remembered.  He wouldn't let her hold him the entire time we were there even though previous to the baby-sit, she was his favorite relative.

After lunch I let him crawl around and he had great fun trying to pull all the power cords and network cables out of the wall or trying to pull up on table clothes.

All in all, a good experience and I hope that my mom has a great retirement and that we still see her just as much even though she is moving away.  

(Although another reason that I need to get a car.)

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