Saturday, 18 April 2009

Things I Haven't Done

Prior to Baby, I thought I was going to get so much accomplished during my maternity leave.  Well, tomorrow Baby & I have been on mat leave for 11 months and here are all the things I was planning on doing but still haven't.  (note, some of these were supposed to be done before Baby arrived, but since he was 5 & 1/2 weeks early they didn't happen):

- paint the hallway to the bedrooms
- paint Baby's bedroom
- get Husband to finish his son's Spiderman mural
- finish step-daughter's Dora mural
- re-organize kitchen cupboard's & drawers (I did do a couple of cupboards but that was it)
- sell maternity clothes on e-bay (I did give them to Girlfriend's sister who is now pregnant so it is kind of done, at least from a de-clutter point of view)
-  sell various unused things from around the home on e-bay (did post a bunch of stuff, but did not complete any sales)
- rewire antique floor  lamp
- make baby clothes
- make nursing clothes (did try to revamp an old t-shirt into a nursing top but it looks so terrible that it has only been worn to sleep, so I don't think that counts)
- knit baby blankets for Baby's cousins also born this year
- paint mine and Husband's bedroom
- put up blind in Baby's bed-room (did try but the plaster came down when I tried drilling)
- hem the curtains in Baby's room (right now the extra length is just piled on the window sill)
- create a catalogue of all my books (got about halfway through putting them on Goodreads but never finished)
- figure out a way to bring in enough money that I would not have to go back to work
- work-out regularly (maybe I have done this, I do wear a 22 pound baby to walk the dog every day)
- learn Spanish
- learn and teach the baby sign language

Nurtured a life.
Fell in love with my son.
Become a completely different person, who so far I am liking.

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