Friday, 13 February 2009

Have baby - suddenly need car

I drive but I do not have a car.  My husband does not drive.  For a few years when I was single I had a car, but after 3 years had less than 17,000KM on the car and decided I really did not need it.  I actually feel  proud of not having a car, I take public transit to and from work and for most trips where I cannot walk.  The odd time I would take a cab or rent a car (the car rentals were mostly on holidays for visiting out of town family).

Along comes baby and now I feel the need for a car more than ever, and can afford it less than ever.  Most of the time baby and I walk or take transit where we need to go, however with the baby there are more and more places that we need to go that are not easy to get to.  So many of the places I want to shop for baby stuff are out in the burbs in places designed for the driver not for transit.  

Before baby, taking an impromptu cab was no issue.  Sometimes I would walk to the store and end up buying way more than I planned (and could carry) so I would  grab a cab home.  Sometimes a trip would be part subway part cab (both my husband and I like the subway but hate buses).  Now with the baby both of these are a pain.  If baby and I walk to the store, baby will be in his lovely Ergo carrier and therefore I can't get a cab because I won't have his car seat with me.  The car seat is a pain in the but unless it is on the stroller, but taking the stroller on the subway is a pain in the but, so the combo subway/cab trip is no longer done.

I really don't want the extra expense of a car, plus I worry that if I have a car, husband will want to be chauffeured to and from work everyday, especially while I am on mat leave.  Plus I know that I will get less exercise, I will be creating more pollution and I will feel less urban, more suburban, less cool than ever.

For the short term, a car is not an option financially so I don't have to worry about it, but at some point I will be back at work and the money argument won't win.  Some day I will be a soccer mom with a mini-van, so sad.

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