Friday, 13 February 2009

Product Review - Safety 1st monitors & UPS

So, we live in a 2-bedroom apartment and while pregnant I thought that there was no way we would need a baby monitor - how could we not hear the baby in a place so tiny?  For the first few months I was right, the baby was always in the same room as us and no problems hearing him.  Eventually though, he began to sleep in his crib and  I decided we really needed a baby monitor, how could I live without one? The layout of the apartment is such that the kitchen and the baby's room are at opposite ends of the universe, and if the water is running in the kitchen (like when I am doing dishes for the hundredth time a day) I cannot hear the baby if he is in his room - unless he is screaming bloody murder.  So we got some monitors - Safety 1st.

The monitor worked well - no issues for months but then the receiver stopped working if it was plugged into the recharger and since you can't run it off of regular batteries, it stopped working completely.  The store would not do an exchange since it had been purchased over 3 months prior, therefore I had to go through the manufacturer.  

The customer service I received from Safety 1st was great.  The person on the phone was polite, understanding and efficient.  I received a letter and instructions on the return procedure quickly.  Outside of UPS, everything with Safety 1st went well and we now have monitors working again.

UPS though is a pain in the but.  I live in an  apartment where the buzzer is hooked into the phone.   The first delivery attempt was made while I was in the baby's room feeding him.  I did not know that a delivery was going to be coming and was surprised when I checked the phone to see  that someone had buzzed from the lobby.  The 'sorry we missed you' left by UPS indicated that they would be trying the next day, but with no time specified.  The next day, they attempted to deliver again, but of course we were out walking the dog.  The second 'sorry we missed you' indicated that they would be trying the next day either 10:30am-3pm or 3pm-5pm.  So by 5pm the next day they were still not here.  I tried to track the package on the UPS website as per the delivery note instruction, but could only see the previous attempts.  I then called UPS and the best they could do was "they should not have indicated 2 time periods and based on the previous attempts it looks like it will be after 5."  Thanks!  The dog needed to go out but if I missed this delivery attempt, I would have to go to the UPS depot to pick up the package, and even though I live in a major city, the depot is in some small town outside of the city.

So, in summary;
Safety 1st = good
UPS = sucks.

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