Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Body is an Amazing Miracle

Last night I wrote about how I do not like my body (among other things), but today while I was nursing my baby, I remembered that my body is amazing.

My body made people.  What could be better than that?  My children were created from my body.  Sure exhusband contributed some DNA, but my body made them.  I think of it like exhusband and I were co-architects, he contributed some of the design plans to the babies, but my body took the plans, found the materials, and constructed them.

Not only did my body make the babies, it also provided their only sustenance for 6 months.  (I am discounting the 2 ounces of formula that BBJ1 was given while in the NICU, the night he was born.  I always feel bad that he had any formula, but he was born 5.5 weeks early by an emergency c-section and I didn't know what I needed to know.)  Both of my boys were exclusively breast-fed for their first 6 months and both continued to breast-feed after starting solid foods.  So until they reached 6 months they were completely manufactured by my body.  AMAZING!

Breast-feeding was fairly easy for me, I didn't go through all the pain and trauma that so many other mothers go through.  The only pain I ever had was from pumping or from biting.  Even how my body provided milk was pretty amazing.  BBJ1 breast-fed whenever he wanted until he was one and went to daycare.  He would breast-feed in the morning when he woke up and as soon as we got home from work/daycare, and again before bed.  Here is the amazing thing, on week-ends he would nurse more often and my body still had milk for him.

My body also hugs my children, dances with my children, carries my children, lifts them up, lets them fly, plays with them, sees their beauty, hears their voices, smells their yumminess, talks to them, holds their hands.

My body is amazing, it has created and sustained miracles.

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