Friday, 15 April 2011

I am taking a Hiatus

I am going to stop posting for a while, I don't know how long, could be a week, could be a month, I'll have to see how things go.

I have been writing about my life, how I feel, and what happens to me.  It has been an outlet for all the stuff scrunched up inside me.  I didn't write to someone or for someone, and I was not trying to influence anyone.  However, my words have hurt someone and for that I apologize.  It was not my intention, but that was the impact of my words.

So, I am taking some time away to figure this out.


  1. Love your blog, you are an amazing writer, keep on writing, you can only control your own actions, your readers will understand or not but obviously your blog is a great outlet for your feelings, don't stop! Do something just for yourself for a change! Would love to buy you a beer :)


  2. Thank you Irina, for leaving a comment, for your kind words, and for your encouragement. It meant a lot to me. I'm more of a vodka or wine drinker, but we'll see.